Thursday, March 7, 2013

Tate Farms

Brad and I started visiting Tate Farms before we even had kids (that would be weird if we hadn't gone with Bryan and Lora and their kids).  So we've done it every year except 2011, when we had our little side trip to Sioux Falls.  It was great to pick up the tradition again, especiall now that our girls are getting bigger and this stuff is starting to make an impression on them.  I love the thought of having a tradition that has gone on for years and will continue, we plan on taking them right up 'til college, think they'll let us?

Of course we picked the coldest day, that's how we Bohan's work

We got some good ones!  Pumpkins, kids, family

Monday, October 15, 2012

Buddy Walk 2012

Back in Huntsville!  BUDS always puts on a great Buddy Walk and this year was no different!  Here are a few photos from the day.....

Ready for the walk in their blue and yellow (colors for Down Syndrome)

Little angel with a magic wand painted on her face

giving Darth Vader a high five

getting a ride on the DaDa, next year she better be walking! ;-)

photobombed by Carsen

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Snow Baby

I've been terrible at updating this blog (partly because I don't think anyone reads it)  But I've decided that who cares, my girls may be interested some day.  I have to go through pictures to see what we've done since the last post.  Sad I know.  Anywho these were some taken in February, Emmy loves the snow (much to my chagrin)  means I have to get out in it as well.  She's too cute to say no to!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Carsen's 2nd Birthday

Finally it's May and I'm just getting to this post that should have been done in February!  Man o man.  So our sweet little angel has turned 2, still can't believe it.  We had a big birthday party planned and had to cancel last minute due to illness x's 4.  Yep every single one of these Bohans were sick on the big day, and we decided to keep our germs to ourselves.  Here are a few pics of the day.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Christmas 2011 organized chaos at the Bohans.  We really have it pretty easy (so far) having girls that are all quiet and calm the morning after Santa visits.  We avoid all the wrapping paper and bow mess, 'cause Santa is smart.  That jolly old elf just lays things out visible for all to see.  Maybe next year he can take a few things out of the packages for us (that takes forever).  Grandma and Grandpa Wood and Uncle Rob all stayed the night of Christmas Eve so they could be here to watch the wonder of it all.  Grampa Bob and Gramma Cyndi joined us later in the day for our traditional tacos.

New skirt yay!

Just not that into presents yet, rather play with the dog

mmmm monkey bread

quite the little artist

cuddling with Grandma

What are these two watching

Grampa Bob running with Emerson, please don't get hurt!